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Hi everybody, that’s me – Julia Worischek,

I’m the founder of Physio Sports & Soul, your Health,- and Fitnessblog, and producer of Fitness- and Healthvideos. 2009 I finished my state examination in Münster, Germany. Since then, I am working with patients on their medical problems, but also love pushing people to their limits within a personal coaching and group workouts.

I’m a manual therapy specialist, setting my focus on orthopedic problems and helping people to get in painless motion again.
In several companies I’m organizing training courses and teach business people in best ergonomics on their workplace.

About 1 year ago, I started studying again and will become a homeopathic practitioner / naturopath. That’s why you will find a lot of “Soul-Training” in my videos and articles. Our organism is often able to heal itself, it needs no force – but we have to take care of it and that’s the problem. 

Often we are working a lot, are full of stress, don’t treat us carefully. The most important key is our immune system, that’s why I would like to help you get in shape, loose stress and eat the right things. 

My second profession is the personal coaching I do with lots of clients booking my trainer lessons. They are loving my fitness workouts, because they are unique – I create all of the training-exercises myself and explain how to do it right. You can find short videos on YouTube for free, but I also create more extensive workout videos from time to time. You can find them in my shop. Please, support me and be part of an expert healthy fitness training –

Take your personal health in your own hands!



 Yours Julia

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